Plaza de la Paz excavations reveal fossils of ancient extinct sea creatures.

June 19, 1989, celebrated the breaking of ground for the construction of Plaza de la Paz on land that 10 million years prior was a deep ocean basin (www.ocnha.mus.ca.us). The excavation activities that followed uncovered fossils of ancient extinct sea creatures. A replica of the skull fossil of a 35 foot long Mixacetex Baleen Whale is on display at Plaza de la Paz today. It is only the second example of the species known. The huge jaw of a 50 foot long Caracharocles Mecalodon shark is a focal point at Plaza de la Paz.

The first phase of this community shopping center, one of the first to be constructed in Laguna Niguel, opened late 1989 with HomeClub. The completed project, consisting of approximately 295,000 square feet of leasable space, and stretching over 2,000 feet along La Paz Road, cele-brated its grand opening with an Earth Day Celebration in April, 1991. The architectural theme of the project is a warm Mediterranean style with friendly pedestrian features such as benches and unique paving patterns and walkways.

Plaza de la Paz serves the residents of the community by providing a unique shopping experience with a wide range of consumer goods and services.