Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt



Come in and try the freshest ice cream in town. With thousands of combinations, there’s no palate we can’t satisfy. Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt makes your dessert fresh upon order, giving you the freedom to customize each and every ingredient to fit your craving! Thanks to Chemistry, Sub Zero uses Liquid Nitrogen to instantly freeze a custom ice cream, at -321 degrees Fahrenheit! You don’t need a degree in molecular gastronomy to experience how in seconds, the freshest, smoothest ice cream you’ll ever taste will appear out of a cloud of smoke! Don’t believe us? Guess you’ll just have to try it!

Store Hours:
Sun – Thurs 12noon – 9:00pm
Fri – Sat 12noon – 10:00pm

Store Info:
27281-Q La Paz Rd,
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

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